Relax on the banks of the Fish River!

The beauty of Namibia is not fully experienced if you did not spend a night under the clear and open skies of Namibia’s arid South and saw the Fish River Canyon.

Riverlife Resort is an upcoming accommodation that offers privacy and relaxation just a stone-throw away from the Fish River Canyon, the 2d largest Canyon in the world!

Shaded campsites, well-equipped chalets as well as a great campsite for bus tours and overlanders; Riverlife resort will ensure a tranquil base from where you can explore.

Camping on the Fish River and exploring the Fish River Canyon has never been easier!

Fish River from a different vantage point

We offer:

  • 2 Chalets (Double bed, en suite)
  • 4 Private Campsites on the bank of the Fish River
  • 1 huge collective campsite for overlanders/backpackers
  • Swimming pool
  • WiFi

The vastness of the property on which Riverside Resort is situated ensures the perfect opportunity to do 4X4 drives and hikes esp along the river itself.

The variety of rock formations is unsurpassed and the pools of water may get you to view the oryx, springbuck and other wildlife that use these pools for hydration.

The beauty inside the Fish River here at Riverlife Resort. *Water levels depends on seasons*

Other Attractions in the Region:

The Fish River Canyon : at Hobas is one of the most breathtaking scenes – the Fish River is the 2d largest Canyon in the world.

The Quiver Tree Forest : shows quiver Trees from young to ancient in a huge area where there are too many to count. This interesting flora needs to be seen up close to be enjoyed! The forest is close to Keetmanshoop.

Wild Horses of the Namib: During the past 2 drought years, the horse population has dwindled a bit… until a few months earlier marked the birth of new foals! The horses have been living as “wild” ever since their release after the German Regiment they belonged to has let them go after the World Wars.

Lüderitz has a rich history and antique railway lines are still found en route to this interesting town. The Cross of Diaz and natural rock arch Bogenfels are some of the landmarks to explore, as is the Ghost Town of Kolmanskopf.

Playground of the Giants, to Keetmanshoop side, literally looks like the Giants’ baby has left his legos all stacked up. This interesting formation of rocks and blocks is extremely hard to explain, and the native stories are all along the line of a huge baby playing with the stones and stacking them.

Ai-Ais Hot Springs is a natural hot water spring close to the Namibian Border.

Mesosaurus fossils are found in the Keetmanshoop area as well, showcasing perfect fossil formations in the rock. This forms part of the History Tour offered by Of Africa Travel, where you will also be shown rock paintings, the petrified footsteps of the Dinosaurs and much more.

Historical sites at Aus and the Historical buildings at Seeheim will tell you a rich history of a country only a tad older than a century. If you like human history, these are not to be missed!

Mount Brukaros is Namibia’s Dormant Volcano and has not erupted in human recollection. Many people have hiked to the top of Mt Brukaros to see the inside of the crater and take photos of the stunning views from the top of the rim.

Riverlife Resort is truly a great basecamp to take a multitude of day trips and explore Namibia’s South, away from the hustle and bustle.

We look forward to your relaxation in our tranquil resort!